About Me

I'm a husband and father who decided in 2009 that I should try and learn how to hunt. I concede that 20 some odd years ago I hunted a few ducks here and there but that was about it. It's been quite the adventure so far as my information has been coming by trial and error as well of reading and picking everyone's brain I can find. I've no family left alive to teach me things (if you discount my Uncle in northern B.C. 3000 miles from here.). I live in Ontario Canada and as soon as I can find a bow hunters course to take I'd like to do a bit of travelling and shooting. Sadly we don't have many courses here because it isn't a licencing requirement.

Did I start the easy way with a gun? Nah that would be silly and practical. Instead I picked up a compound bow and decided my path to enlightenment should be more complicated. So now I read lots of hunting blogs, attend the spring hunting show in Toronto and worry about how I smell more than most people I know. It's a bit of an addictive passion but I love it. Embracing life the way I have and all of the pluses and minuses of human existence. It is, after all, a profoundly important responsibility taking a life. Too many of us have lost touch with what our continued existence truly requires. If that sounds like you then I encourage you to pick up a bow or a gun and hop on board. You'd be amazed at what you learn along the way.